Margaret Gavrilova

Realtor Associate
Languages: English, Russian
Services: Residential Sales & Leasing

Margaret is a dedicated realtor specializing in south Florida residential properties. She was born and raised in Jacksonville Florida; however, her heart is here in Miami. Margaret was exposed to the real estate industry because of her father’s involvement as a realtor back in her native roots Russia. Because of Margaret’s heritage and awareness of her culture she is adaptable to her Russian clientele base.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Central Florida and uses her knowledge in phycology to her advantage by effectively communicating with her clients. She is a listener who has an ultimate understanding of how to service the real estate needs that are being requested throughout the home buying and selling process.

Margaret’s strongest gift is her ability to fulfill her customer's desires and expectations through her indomitable spirit and work ethic. She realized this element from working for more than eight years in the hospitality industry, which made her strive for more. She quickly realized real estate was the direction to go to combine her passions.

Margaret is passionate about servicing her customers and assisting them with the opportunities of finding their dream home. In her eyes, she describes the perfect deal will leave her clients “excited, happy, and fulfilled with everything they have asked for.”

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