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  array(3) {
    string(26) "1961-01-01T13:43:48.781201"
    string(16) "IT BEGAN IN 1961"
    string(473) "
Alicia Cervera and her husband, Javier, arrive in Miami after fleeing turmoil in Cuba. Their three- and six-year-old daughters, Alicia and Veronica, were waiting for them at the airport. Alicia, a 31-year-old daughter of the former Peruvian ambassador to the United Nations, for the first time in her life, finds herself penniless.
" } [1]=> array(3) { ["timeline_date"]=> string(26) "1965-01-01T13:43:48.781225" ["timeline_title"]=> string(12) "CUBAN INFLUX" ["timeline_description"]=> string(603) "
In the late 1960’s, due to the Cuban influx, Miami’s rhythm changed. The dormant city was awake again. Developers from around the country attracted by this new energy came to Miami and started purchasing waterfront lots to build high-rise condominiums. In her relentless determination to be successful, Alicia Cervera observes that the developers’ sales structure has limited outreach and resources for Miami’s potential to attract international buyers.
" } [2]=> array(3) { ["timeline_date"]=> string(26) "1967-01-01T13:43:48.781233" ["timeline_title"]=> string(71) "CERVERA, 1ST TO REZONE BRICKELL LAND FROM SINGLE-FAMILY TO MULTI-FAMILY" ["timeline_description"]=> string(530) "
Six years later, the City of Miami made it possible for single-family lots to be rezoned to multi-family. Alicia and Javier pulled together every last bit of the limited resources their family had available, bought a piece of land and became the first to successfully rezone. They bet on the emerging Brickell neighborhood’s promise to become the epicenter of a thriving global capital.
" } [3]=> array(3) { ["timeline_date"]=> string(26) "1969-01-01T13:43:48.781239" ["timeline_title"]=> string(42) "ALICIA CERVERA BEGINS WORKING AS A REALTOR" ["timeline_description"]=> string(371) "
Two years after becoming a licensed real estate professional, Alicia Cervera obtains her broker’s license and begins to work as a solo practitioner. In 1978, Cervera Real Estate opens its first office, located in Coconut Grove.
" } [4]=> array(3) { ["timeline_date"]=> string(26) "1979-01-01T13:43:48.781245" ["timeline_title"]=> string(46) "CERVERA PIONEERS NEW MODEL FOR DEVELOPER SALES" ["timeline_description"]=> string(590) "
Harry Helmsley, the New York real estate tycoon and owner of the Empire State Building, selects Alicia Cervera for the job of sales and marketing for The Palace on Brickell. Cervera creates a specialized field within the brokerage industry and becomes the first agency to exclusively represent developers in the sales and marketing of their projects. The company was the first Miami brokerage to market extensively in several international markets.
" } [5]=> array(3) { ["timeline_date"]=> string(26) "1980-01-01T13:43:48.781251" ["timeline_title"]=> string(40) "CERVERA INNOVATES COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE" ["timeline_description"]=> string(513) "
The same innovative spirit applied to development sales crosses over to commercial real estate when Cervera successfully builds and sells “The Square,” a first-of-its-kind retail condominium shopping center located in Key Biscayne. The firm would later convert the island’s largest shopping center – and home to its only grocery store – into condominium retail.
" } [6]=> array(3) { ["timeline_date"]=> string(26) "1980-01-01T13:43:48.781257" ["timeline_title"]=> string(18) "THE 2ND GENERATION" ["timeline_description"]=> string(263) "
Veronica Cervera Goeseke and Alicia Cervera Lamadrid obtain their real estate licenses and join their mother in business.
" } [7]=> array(3) { ["timeline_date"]=> string(26) "1983-01-01T13:43:48.781262" ["timeline_title"]=> string(30) "INTEREST RATES INCREASE TO 20%" ["timeline_description"]=> string(465) "
Amidst closings at Tiffany Bal Harbour and The Atlantis, spiking interest rates impact closing rates. Under the leadership of Alicia Cervera Sr., and her creative thinking, Cervera Real Estate helps the developer of the Atlantis and Tiffany be named the No. 1 developer in Miami with a total of $30,785,200 in closed sales.
" } [8]=> array(3) { ["timeline_date"]=> string(26) "1985-01-01T13:43:48.781268" ["timeline_title"]=> string(25) "CERVERA MOVES TO BRICKELL" ["timeline_description"]=> string(391) "
Alicia Sr. and Veronica broker a deal for the Brickell East building, then sell the vast majority of residences to the Brazillian market. They subsequently purchase the commercial space within the building and relocate their main office to Brickell.
" } [9]=> array(3) { ["timeline_date"]=> string(26) "1995-01-01T13:43:48.781274" ["timeline_title"]=> string(27) "BRICKELL OFFICE ESTABLISHED" ["timeline_description"]=> string(323) "
Alicia & Javier Cervera, along with Veronica Cervera Goeseke & Nickel Goeseke, purchase the land at 1492 South Miami Avenue and establishes a Brickell area corporate office.
" } [10]=> array(3) { ["timeline_date"]=> string(26) "1996-01-01T13:43:48.781280" ["timeline_title"]=> string(32) "REVITALIZATION OF SOUTH OF FIFTH" ["timeline_description"]=> string(720) "

The Southern tip of Miami Beach was converted from a run-down neighborhood into one of the most valuable areas in the world. Alongside developers, Cervera’s strategic sales and marketing efforts contribute to this transformation.

The firm would eventually exclusively represent 90% of the waterfront buildings South of Fifth and in the process, help brand this exclusive zone, known today as “SoFi.”

321 Ocean | Apogee | Icon South Beach | Murano Murano Grande | Ocean House | Portofino Tower | Yacht Club at Portofino

" } [11]=> array(3) { ["timeline_date"]=> string(26) "2000-01-01T13:43:48.781286" ["timeline_title"]=> string(26) "DOWNTOWN MIAMI RENAISSANCE" ["timeline_description"]=> string(575) "

Cervera is selected to exclusively represent and sell the first new residential high-rise in Downtown Miami, the 900-unit One Miami towers, which becomes the catalyst for future development. Years later, the firm’s Commercial Division would bring London’s most highly regarded restaurant, Zuma, to Downtown. The Cervera name would go on to represent and sell more than 80% of the developments in the neighborhood.

" } [12]=> array(3) { ["timeline_date"]=> string(26) "2001-01-01T13:43:48.781293" ["timeline_title"]=> string(41) "CERVERA ENTERS JOINT VENTURE WITH RELATED" ["timeline_description"]=> string(278) "

The firm forms an independent real estate brokerage with Related Companies, called RCRS Related Cervera Realty Services.

" } [13]=> array(3) { ["timeline_date"]=> string(26) "2003-01-01T13:43:48.781298" ["timeline_title"]=> string(50) "EAST EDGEWATER: MIAMI’S NEW “IT” DESTINATION" ["timeline_description"]=> string(615) "

In gentrifying the neighborhood with its first high-rise, Quantum on the Bay, Cervera pioneers the resurgence of the area from the very beginning. Today, Cervera represents a vast majority of the projects in this emerging neighborhood and continues to break new ground with the forward-thinking developers the firm represents. Aria on the Bay is the newest and most exciting luxury high-rise to grace the waterfront of the Arts & Entertainment District.

" } [14]=> array(3) { ["timeline_date"]=> string(26) "2007-01-01T13:43:48.781304" ["timeline_title"]=> string(44) "THE GREAT RECESSION ENDS MIAMI’S 2ND CYCLE" ["timeline_description"]=> string(361) "
In spite of massive financial failures throughout the U.S., under Cervera’s leadership, every one of the firm’s developer clients succeed in closing out the majority of their units and thereby avoid a bank takeover.
" } [15]=> array(3) { ["timeline_date"]=> string(26) "2007-01-01T13:43:48.781310" ["timeline_title"]=> string(18) "THE 3RD GENERATION" ["timeline_description"]=> string(342) "
Alexandra Goeseke joins the firm, becoming the first member of the third generation to work at Cervera Real Estate. Alicia Lamadrid would join the firm in 2009, followed by Nickel Goeseke Jr. in 2015.
" } [16]=> array(3) { ["timeline_date"]=> string(26) "2011-01-01T13:43:48.781315" ["timeline_title"]=> string(23) "CERVERA BRAND EVOLUTION" ["timeline_description"]=> string(308) "
In an ongoing quest to modernize with the evolving marketplace, the Cervera brand begins a series of new changes reflecting a new era of real estate in South Florida.
" } [17]=> array(3) { ["timeline_date"]=> string(26) "2011-01-01T13:43:48.781321" ["timeline_title"]=> string(35) "CERVERA REAL ESTATE DOUBLES IN SIZE" ["timeline_description"]=> string(345) "
Alicia Cervera Lamadrid is appointed Managing Partner and successfully leads an effort to double the firm’s General Real Estate Division. Veronica Cervera Goeseke continues to successfully lead as CEO.
" } [18]=> array(3) { ["timeline_date"]=> string(26) "2011-01-01T13:43:48.781327" ["timeline_title"]=> string(38) "MIAMI’S 3RD REAL ESTATE CYCLE BEGINS" ["timeline_description"]=> string(486) "
Cervera is selected for exclusive representation and sales of BrickellHouse, the first luxury tower of the new cycle. In response to the fallout of the Great Recession, a 70% deposit structure is adopted by Miami developers to ensure stability. Since then, Cervera Real Estate goes on to list more than $5 billion in pre-construction inventory.
" } [19]=> array(3) { ["timeline_date"]=> string(26) "2016-08-01T13:43:48.781333" ["timeline_title"]=> string(34) "CERVERA PIONEERS EAST ASIAN MARKET" ["timeline_description"]=> string(328) "
Led by Jesse Ottley, President of Development Sales for the firm, Cervera signs a strategic alliance with HomeLink, China’s largest development brokerage with more than 200,000 agents.
" } [20]=> array(3) { ["timeline_date"]=> string(26) "2016-10-18T13:43:48.781342" ["timeline_title"]=> string(24) "“ALICIA CERVERA” DAY" ["timeline_description"]=> string(424) "
On October 18th, 2016, Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado recognizes Alicia for opening Miami’s door to the global brokerage community, proclaiming “No other woman has had a larger influence on the development of Miami than Alicia Cervera since Julia Tuttle founded the city in 1895.”
" } [21]=> array(3) { ["timeline_date"]=> string(26) "2021-01-01T13:43:48.781350" ["timeline_title"]=> string(12) "YOU ARE HERE" ["timeline_description"]=> string(564) "

52 Years in South Florida 115+ Developer Projects Represented

$16 Billion in Sales 400+ Strategic Alliances Across 5 Continents

65 Visionary Developers #1 Social Media Presence in South Florida

" } [22]=> array(3) { ["timeline_date"]=> string(26) "2019-01-01T13:43:48.781356" ["timeline_title"]=> string(27) "CERVERA 50 YEAR ANNIVERSARY" ["timeline_description"]=> string(0) "" } [23]=> array(3) { ["timeline_date"]=> string(26) "1988-01-01T13:43:48.781362" ["timeline_title"]=> string(17) "ICONIC LAND DEALS" ["timeline_description"]=> string(120) "Cervera brokers land deals for two of Miami's most iconic destinations: the Four Seasons Hotel Miami and Bristol Towers." } [24]=> array(3) { ["timeline_date"]=> string(26) "1991-01-01T13:43:48.781368" ["timeline_title"]=> string(46) "ALICIA SR. EARNS TITLE "THE QUEEN OF BRICKELL"" ["timeline_description"]=> string(254) "

As the company flourishes, Alicia puts her mark on BrickellAvenue. After successfully selling the majority of new buildings in Miami’s burgeoning financial and residential district, Alicia earns the title, “The Queen of Brickell.”

" } [25]=> array(3) { ["timeline_date"]=> string(26) "1999-01-01T13:43:48.781374" ["timeline_title"]=> string(21) "MARK ON COCONUT GROVE" ["timeline_description"]=> string(380) "

At the turn of the century, Cervera begins to put its mark on the majestic Coconut Grove neighborhood beginning with the Ritz Carlton Hotel & Residences. Since then, the firm went on to exclusively represent the majority of high-rise condominiums along South Bayshore Drive, including among others Grovenor House and the dancing towers of Grove at Grand Bay.

" } [26]=> array(3) { ["timeline_date"]=> string(26) "2010-01-01T13:43:48.781380" ["timeline_title"]=> string(32) "BAL HARBOUR REDEFINED BY CERVERA" ["timeline_description"]=> string(284) "

Cervera's mark on Miami Beach extends north from South Pointe to Bal Harbour. The firm is tapped to exclusively represent numerous landmark properties in the prestigious neighborhood, including the famous $1.1 billion sellout of the St. Regis Bal Harbour Residences.

" } [27]=> array(3) { ["timeline_date"]=> string(26) "2017-01-01T13:43:48.781385" ["timeline_title"]=> string(52) "ASSET CLASSES EVOLVE IN MIAMI WHILE BRANDS TAKE LEAD" ["timeline_description"]=> string(664) "

As Miami evolves to attract a diverse clientele mix with unique wants and demands, the developer product offering begins to adapt. Cervera is selected exclusively for sales and marketing of Smart Brickell, one of the first new developments to combine smart-use, smart-design and smart-technology.

Partnerships between global brands and developers become a prominent trend in Miami’s luxury real estate market. Aston Martin – in partnership with G&G Developents – becomes the most exclusive among the big name brands to come to Miami and taps Cervera for exclusive sales and marketing of Aston Martin Residences Miami.

" } [28]=> array(3) { ["timeline_date"]=> string(26) "2018-01-01T13:43:48.781397" ["timeline_title"]=> string(46) "CERVERA LAUNCHES THE MIAMI REAL ESTATE PODCAST" ["timeline_description"]=> string(97) "

Cervera becomes the first major brokerage in South Florida to launch a podcast.

" } [29]=> array(3) { ["timeline_date"]=> string(26) "2014-01-01T13:43:48.781403" ["timeline_title"]=> string(34) "CERVERA EXPANDS TO FORT LAUDERDALE" ["timeline_description"]=> string(0) "" } [30]=> array(3) { ["timeline_date"]=> string(26) "2019-01-01T13:43:48.781409" ["timeline_title"]=> string(63) "A NEW WAY to own real estate” to buyers and brokers worldwide" ["timeline_description"]=> string(1207) "" } [31]=> array(3) { ["timeline_date"]=> string(26) "2021-08-01T13:43:48.781414" ["timeline_title"]=> string(56) "Cervera Joins Leading Real Estate Companies of the World" ["timeline_description"]=> string(813) "Cervera Real Estate Selected for Membership in Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® and Luxury Portfolio International®. Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® (LeadingRE) is a global real estate community comprised of 550 real estate companies awarded membership based on rigorous standards for service and performance. With 4,600 offices and 150,000 sales associates in 70 countries, these firms represent 1.3 million global transactions annually. Cervera also earned membership in Luxury Portfolio International® (LPI), an exclusive group of LeadingRE companies among the most well respected in luxury real estate markets worldwide. LPI attracts a global audience of affluent consumers and markets approximately 50,000 of the world's most remarkable homes annually on" } [32]=> array(3) { ["timeline_date"]=> string(26) "2022-04-13T13:43:48.781420" ["timeline_title"]=> string(45) "Alicia Cervera Way Street Dedication Ceremony" ["timeline_description"]=> string(993) "The “Queen of Brickell” received the royal treatment today as the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners adopted a resolution co-designating part of South Miami Avenue “Alicia Cervera Way.” The resolution, led by Prime Sponsor Commissioner Eileen Higgins of District 5, honors Miami real estate pioneer and female trailblazer Alicia Cervera Sr. of Cervera Real Estate for her direct, significant lifetime contributions to this community. “I am proud to recognize Alicia Cervera Sr. for her contribution to the development of Miami,” said Commissioner Higgins, who officially unveiled the Alicia Cervera Way Street signs during a private ceremony hosted by the Cervera family on the 13th of April. “Thank you for your grit and vision, you have most definitely left your mark in this city for generations to come. You have defied the odds, as a woman, an immigrant, and an entrepreneur.”" } }