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We understand better than anyone else the challenges you face. You are a visionary, an entrepreneurial spirit, a dreamer. You need a committed ally that can help you turn those dreams into concrete reality. An ally that gives you the security that comes with four decades of experience helping developers navigate dynamic markets. The strength of a global brokerage network that is deeply rooted and far reaching across five continents. The velocity of sales that will ensure completion. When it comes to developing in Miami, no one does it better.

We created the modern-day, full-service development real estate sales and marketing model. Our approach combines a focus on sales velocity with the ability to deliver results at all stages of the real estate development process, from conception to delivery, including product shaping, branding, team formation and global reach, to penetration in traditional and emerging markets.

Throughout our nearly half-century history in Miami, we have worked effectively to establish an international brand name that is synonymous with quality real estate and build on integrity, knowledge and a proven record of success.

48-years later, we still believe in our commitment to Miami, the “Magic City.” The international capital of possibilities and promise. We bet on emerging neighborhoods and envision their potential to become, one day, among the most sought after places to live.

The world may be a different place today than the year we founded the company and we understand that. The technology and strategies we use to sell may have changed. Our core values however, have not. And we want you to know that.

We are a family owned and operated, international real estate company raised on the shoulders of the American Dream. We still believe in the visionaries, the entrepreneurial spirits, and the dreamers. It is the core of our philosophy and unwavering belief that your dreams - in whatever form - have power.

Cervera is Miami's only firm to exclusively represent and sell-out more than 110 of South Florida's most prestigious condominium residences.

Delivering results for 47 years

Cervera has been helping developers bring a wide array of project to the market for more than 47 years. With more than 110 completed projects, Cervera is the undisputed leader developers trust.


  • Research
  • Branding
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Pricing
  • Pre Marketing
  • Legal Forms
  • Sales Center Operations
  • Customer Service Through Closing & Beyond
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales & Traffic Reports
  • Inventory Management
  • Global Promotions, Trips & Events
  • Media Strategy
  • Global Broker Outreach
  • Product Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Sales Team

Our Team

Alexandra Goeseke Cervera

Director of General Real Estate

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Alicia McCormack Malave

Realtor Associate


Jesse Ottley

President of Development Division


Kristina Younger

Realtor Associate


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