Mirta Perez

General Manager Cervera Management
Languages: English, Spanish
Services: Residential Sales & Leasing

General property manager for Cervera Management, Inc., Mirta Perez's first experience with the real estate world was when Mr. Cervera gave her the opportunity to expand her horizons and learn the business, with his family-owned firm, in the year 2001. She had previously done accounting work for law firms and insurance agencies when this proposition came along, and as the prospects of the offer appeared to align well with plans for the future that she had envisioned for herself and her family, she made the decision to investigate what lay ahead.

Mirta's customer service skills served her extremely well throughout the transition from accounting to real estate, which involved in-depth, hands-on training in all aspects of the real estate business, including sales, marketing, management, and always a finely honed focus on customer service. She currently specializes in all aspects and classifications within the rental and lease market of greater Miami. Cervera Management, Inc. was created primarily in response to the needs of absentee owners who wanted local management of their valuable assets. It soon became clear that Mirta was the ideal candidate to oversee this distinctive branch of the Cervera family.

Originally from the Miami area, where she has lived her entire life, Mirta is fluent in English and Spanish. She is particularly familiar with the Downtown Miami/Miami Roads areas, as she not only lives there but works there as well. Passionate about the animal kingdom, and especially her own three dogs, Mirta is actively involved with a few dog rescue foundations in the area; she is also working on lifting the breed-specific legislation that currently exists in Miami-Dade County. In her spare time, aside from participating in a wide variety of dog-related events, Mirta also enjoys fishing and rollerblading.

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