Downtown Miami

Like many great cities ascending to global status, a spark is necessary to move them forward. As the Lincoln Center did for Manhattan’s West Side, the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in the 1990s was the catalyst that triggered the area’s renaissance. Further enhanced by the opening of the Perez Art Museum and the Frost Museum of Science situated in the Maurice A. Ferré Park, the City of Miami emerged as a center for finance, technology, communication, and trade. Ultra-luxury residences, offices, world-class sporting centers, and higher education have redefined Downtown as the heartbeat of a thriving global city where you can work live and play in the one and only Miami style.

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  • 735 Active Sales
  • 91 Pending Sales
  • 49 Active Rentals
  • 1,212ft² at $483/ft² Average
  • 1,110ft² at $394/ft² Average
  • at Average


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