Jesse Ottley

President of Development Division
Languages: English, Spanish
Services: Developer Services

Jesse has his finger on the pulse of Miami & South Florida real estate, and he has the track record to prove it. Since July 2012, Jesse has been a vital member of the Cervera team as the President of Development Sales. Under his leadership, the department has successfully listed over 16 new development projects, representing over 2 billion dollars in inventory. With real estate development, acquisition, and/or sales being inherently risky ventures, especially in challenging markets, it is critical to have the right sales and marketing team in place. Teams that succeed routinely deliver a clear vision, and bottom-line-focused management with the skills to navigate turbulent markets, as well as stronger and more competitive markets. At Cervera, Jesse is part of that leadership team, taking a results-driven sales and marketing approach to project management, thereby ensuring maximum efficiency and profitability, while maintaining a consistent velocity of sales and closings. With a history of maximizing profits for his clients, Jesse's management techniques include analytically tracking market trends to intuitively direct all key phases of development sales and marketing.

Jesse constantly spearheads efforts to innovate the sales process and improve and enhance sales and communication platforms to be more strategic and profit-oriented. Another way in which Jesse has been ensuring this high level of performance is an efficient, customizable process that allow developers to beat market averages when taking on projects during any stage of completion, whether the properties are new developments, incomplete/ fractured assets, or owner bulk holdings. Under Jesse's guidance, the Cervera Development Sales team also leverages strong partnerships with its global clients and network. Their ability to tap into a vast network of local and international resources has produced proven results with maximum effectiveness, while also building an unmatched reputation for generating strategic sales planning and tactical marketing concepts, from launch to sell-out.

Prior to joining Cervera, Jesse was a key executive at Related Cervera Realty Services (RCRS), where he played an equally integral role in the success of many residential condominium projects developed by The Related Group of Florida and sold by RCRS. As well, Jesse operated multiple real estate-related business ventures in South America.

A native of Australia, Jesse moved to South Florida in 2000 after living in San Francisco and Venezuela. His Spanish language skills and cultural understanding allow him to travel fluidly and comfortably between American and Latin markets, an increasingly important ability in the evolving global economy.

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