Jesse Ottley

President of Development Division
Languages: English, Spanish
Services: Developer Services

As President of Development Sales, Jesse Ottley is a driving force at Cervera Real Estate, contributing to the firm's ever-growing project portfolio. With a sales philosophy of outperforming the proformas, Jesse uses his 20+ years of experience and keen market insight to guide all phases of development, from concept through sellout. Jesse's innate ability to grasp buyer profiles and predict the evolution of concepts, whether it involves the design of a room or square footage, positions him as the premier development sales professional that Miami developers prefer to collaborate with. His innate understanding of architectural sociology from the buyer's perspective has been instrumental in the success of the projects he professionally represents. Under his leadership, the Cervera development sales department has successfully listed over 23 new development projects, representing over 2 billion dollars in inventory.

To meet the demands of an ever-changing market, Jesse focuses on implementing results-driven sales and marketing strategies, aiming to maximize profitability & sales velocity. Jesse works to maintain each development’s unique selling proposition at the forefront of all endeavors, ensuring a clear message gets delivered to the broker and client market.

Jesse's project management techniques involve keeping his finger on the pulse of market trends in order to guide all key phases of the development. Jesse continuously ensures that a high level of performance is achieved by developing clear channels of communication with the various teams involved, ensuring they collaborate seamlessly toward their common goal.

Cervera's exclusive in-house development sales executives are at the forefront of the industry as a result of Jesse's meticulous vetting methodology: \"strong team, strong sales\". He identifies top-tier agents and conducts a meticulous pre-screening process to ensure they are suited to meet the needs of the developer, the development, and the market.

Prior to joining Cervera, Jesse was a key executive at Related Cervera Realty Services (RCRS), where he played an equally integral role in the success of many residential condominium projects developed by The Related Group of Florida and sold by RCRS. In addition, Jesse operated multiple real estate-related business ventures in South America, including owning and operating his own real estate brokerage firm. While working and residing in Venezuela, Jesse founded a boutique real estate marketing agency specializing in creating print media and renders for buildings and projects, providing him with a distinctive perspective.

Originally from Australia, Jesse relocated to South Florida in 2000 after residing in San Francisco and Venezuela. His Spanish proficiency and deep cultural insights enable him to seamlessly navigate and travel between American and Latin markets, a vital asset in today's dynamic global economy, especially in the context of Miami's evolving real estate landscape.

Deeply rooted in community involvement, Jesse extends his expertise to various organizations in Miami; he is the Founding President of the AAREA — Asian American Real Estate Association, a member of the Miami Master Brokers Forum, and Board President of the Tequesta Point Brickell Key Community.

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