Design Q&A: Jean-Louis Deniot, creative genius behind the Elysee Miami interiors

Miami's ascension to its present-day status as a leading global city and one of the most famous destinations in the world has been fueled by billions of dollars in real estate investment, tourism and a lifestyle like no other. Today, the city it is home to ultra-luxury residences and five-star hotels designed by leading, global designers and international "starchitects," amongst those including the likes of Zaha Hadid, Bjarke Ingels, and Bernardo Fort-Brescia.

Jean-Louis Deniot, famed Parisian designer and the creative genius behind the interiors of the ultra-luxury boutique condominium Elysee Miami, is the latest bold-faced name in the world of architecture and design to leave an indelible mark on Miami real estate.

Prior to taking on the project, Jean-Louis has brought his unique sophistication to some of the most important residences in the world ' in Paris, the Cote D'Azur, Beverly Hills, Fifth Avenue, London, Moscow, Istanbul and New Delhi.

Jean-Louis is known for undertaking each of his projects with the vigor and inquisitiveness that is peculiar to true visionaries, conceiving and defining novel design aesthetics with utmost dash and confidence. When he's not designing, Deniot is gracing the pages of international publications including Architectural Digest (US), AD France, AD Spain, AD Germany, AD Russia, AD India, House and Garden, Belle Australia, ELLE Decor US, ELLE Decoration in France and Russia, Marie Claire Italy, and More Than Classic Holland, amongst others, making him one of the most published designers today.

Now, Jean-Louis lends his sophisticated, classic, though sometimes unexpected style to the aesthetic and sensibility of Elysee Miami, which is currently under construction in Miami's new "It" destination, East Edgewater. 

Recently, the soft-spoken creative talent visited Miami to host an exclusive meet-and-greet for a select group of existing buyers and top brokers at the Elysee Miami sales gallery. We sat down with him for a candid conversation to unearth insights that will help those in the real estate profession articulate his aesthetic and vision to discerning, prospective buyers.  

Here's what Jean-Louis had to say regarding the inspiration for inside the walls of the elegant, tapering tower.

Q. Is there a special inspiration that's influencing your vision for the future decoration style at Elysee?

A. My initial inspiration was to bring back a contemporary version of the early midcentury glamor when Miami was a very chic international resort destination. I watched Soy Cuba, read Morris Lapidus Architecture books, went through the Dorothy Draper images, then wrote a list of content to illustrate the colors, the shapes, the finishes I wanted to use to illustrate the general feeling I wanted to obtain. I wanted a chic, fun and airy design, an aesthetic statement that reflects the exciting, artsy destination Miami is.

Q. Can you please list all of the interior/exterior amenity spaces you have been commissioned to design for Elysee?

A. The three reception rooms on the ground floor and the entire 29th floor.

Q. Which is your favorite space, and why?

A. I do not have a favorite space. I have developed a very specific Elysee Miami look for all spaces, with great creative aesthetic concept variations so each space receives special attention. I have a soft spot for the 29th floor grand dining room which seats up to 24 people. It is grand, poetic and festive; surely guests will remember that magical space. 

Q. Can you please share details on the materials/finishes you used? For example, the types of wood, marble, metals, etc.

A. Black and white marble to illustrate formality and contrast but in playful patterns so it feels alive and welcoming; 20 foot tall lacquered doors in reference to the French Art deco period; abstract wall special finishes, natural cotton textured Japanese wallpaper; antique gold and antique silver leafing; custom area rugs specifically designed for Elysee and light oak touches in reference to the French 40's. 

Q. Can you please describe the color palette that will predominate in this specific project? What made you choose these colors?  

A. Black, white, gray and many variations of blue, from light to medium to dark blues, and touches of gold to echo the sun. I wanted the palette to reflect the exterior of the building and the views of the sky and water from the inside. Mix of graphics, blurry patterns, plain textured fabrics for a rich and serene result. 

Q. Although we know you won't be designing the units, you do have an influence on the finishes and fixtures of the kitchen and bathrooms? Can you please explain?

A. Yes, I have been involved in the design of the bathroom layout and finishes. I custom-designed mosaic patterns and colors specifically for Elysee, with Carrara and bardiglio marble, horizontal stripes in reference to French 1930s bathing suits. I added some very large mirrors, and fittings by Waterworks. 

For the kitchen I selected a white brushed pine painted in off-white for the cabinet front in order to give it a sensitive ÔÇÄ/textured sleek quality, mixed with a custom terrazzo counter top and top of the line appliances.┬á

My design was guided by the building's architecture. I wanted the tower and the interiors to become one exclusive entity.

Q. Are there any specific elements from your designs for the building that potential buyers can see first-hand in the Elysee Sales Gallery?

A. They can see the actual bathrooms and kitchens, enjoy seating areas which are in the same style as the future ground floor reception rooms and Lobby. They will get to enjoy all renderings showing off every single space I designed specifically for Elysee. 

Q. Who do you envision eventually living at Elysee? Can you describe the project's "ideal" buyer?

A. The ideal buyer is worldly, sophisticated, cultured, and able to appreciate our aesthetic and vision. Down the line, they will be the happiest owners in Miami as all our efforts are deployed to make their private and shared spaces as special as possible. As there are only 100 units and as we are fully dedicated to its success, Elysee will be one of the most exclusive residences in Miami.  

Q.  What do you think makes this project unique / sets it apart from other buildings being developed in Miami?

A. What makes this project very special is the number of people involved in the project and our common passion for producing what's best and finest. The synergy here is exceptional.┬áThe general positive attitude and special dedication to this unique project ÔÇÄwill carry through to the end result. With such a superb location and jaw-dropping views, what more can one expect?


Want to see more? Check out the complete image gallery below for a deeper look inside Elysee Miami. If you are interested in receiving more information about Elysee Miami, call 305.767.1414 or click here to get in touch with a sales associtate. 


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