Miami Real Estate Headlines — Dec. 12, 2022

Miami ranks third most popular city for US relocations; the 2023 regional South Florida real estate forecast is in; Miami International Airport is on track for its best year ever, and direct flights to Asia may be on the horizon. Here are your Miami real estate headlines with @devospresents.

Hello, I’m Arno De Vos, and here’s a look at the latest Miami real estate headlines:

Florida is heating up for all the right reasons. CNBC reporting from a recent Redfin data report US homebuyers are looking at South Florida as the top destination for relocation. Florida cities amounting to nearly twenty-five percent of online property search queries for potential transplants, and Miami holding steady at number three on the list.

And Forbes reporting, the 2023 regional South Florida real estate forecast is in. limited beachfront projects propelling developers north to Fort Lauderdale, trophy office vacancy rates predicting to drop beneath five percent, and the single-family home market for 2023 will be similar to 2022, due to rising population.

And speaking about growth, the next Miami reporting, Miami international airport is on track for its best year ever, surpassing fifty million annual passengers with an upward increase of 10.5% over 2019. but that's not all, Japan airlines looking at launching flights from MIA using a Boeing 787, potentially becoming Miami's first-ever regularly scheduled passenger service to East Asia.

That wraps up today’s headlines impacting Miami’s real estate. for more on these stories, head over to My name is Arno De Vos with Cervera Real Estate in Miami. Hit that share button and thank you for watching.

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