Miami Real Estate Headlines — Jan. 2, 2023

Miami ranks most diverse city in the world for 2022; foreign homebuyer sales surge 34%; and commuting across South Florida just got easier. Here are your Miami news headlines for the week of January 2nd, brought to you by the Cervera Newsroom.

Hello, I’m Arno De Vos, and here are the headlines impacting Miami real estate.

Miami locals love calling the magic city a "Melting pot" - and now it’s official. A new report by “World Population Review” confirming Miami as the number one most diverse city in the world for 2022 — with 58% of Miami residents being foreign-born.

And the international love affair with Miami continues — with South Florida home sales, too. The newest data from the Miami Association of Realtors showing that foreign homebuyers purchased 6.8 billion in residential properties in the tri-county area for the twelve months ending July of this year - that’s up a massive 34% from the same timeline the year before.

And commuting across South Florida just got easier. Luxury train service Brightline officially opening its Boca Raton and Aventura train stations. The latest expansion coming on the heels of a 280% increase in ridership from last year. The next stop coming early 2023: Orlando.

That wraps up the latest Miami headlines. If you love Miami real estate, share this video. And for more on these stories, head over to Miami-re-news-dot-com. My name is Arno De Vos with Cervera Real Estate in Miami. Thank you for watching.

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