Home-staging a beach house for a better price

Have you heard of home-staging? If you are planning to sell your house, it can be very useful. There's a variety of hacks professional real-estate agents use to make a house look better. Consequently, they attract more buyers and they get a better price. Therefore, this is an affordable and creative way to increase your real estate value.

It doesn't have to be hard or expensive. A few decorative details can radically change the whole impression of the house. And when it comes to selling a beach house, your biggest advantage is right in front of you - the ocean. So, how hard can it be? Let's find out what the tricks for home-staging a beach house for a better price are.

Farewell, clutter 

First of all, you cannot show the house that is full of your belongings. You need to declutter your home first. The fewer items you have, the bigger the space will look. You can store your belongings in a safe storage facility and donate or recycle things you don't need or use anymore.

The beach captured from above, ocean and umbrellas. Home-staging a beach house for a better price.

Welcome to your new home

One thing is for sure, we never forget the first impression. Hence, you need a way to make a killer first impression. And what is the first thing a potential home buyer will lay their eyes on?  That would be the front door. If they are old, you should consider painting them. And if the house has a porch, make sure it looks clean and freshly painted. Also, buy a nice doormat which matches the house decoration. Those small warm details imprint on people's mind and don't cost much. The word ÔÇÿwelcome' on the doormat will send a message that they are coming home. And this is exactly what buyers are looking for.

Make it look bigger

You will provide the exact size information to your potential buyers, of course. And you cannot make your house bigger. But what you can do is to make it look bigger. How do you achieve this? First of all, remove all the unnecessary furniture and other items. The emptier the space is, the bigger it looks. If you have planned to paint the walls, pick light colors. Bright walls make the interior look wider. Do you need a magic trick for small rooms or hallways? Illusionists have been using it for years. You can use mirrors to illusory create more space. If you have some hallways or tiny spaces, were the natural light goes to die, this is a solution. You can get mirrors at a very affordable price at the nearest discount store. Get a few of them, and place them facing each other, especially in the hallway. This will give your tiny space the wideness that does not really exist.

Couch with cushions and guitar, plant, chair and window. Home-staging a beach house for a better price

And there was light

While home-staging a beach house, light will be your best friend. Wide open the curtains and let the natural light in. Try to organize an open house during the daytime. Everything looks more tempting when it's bathed in sun.

Naturalize it

The touch of nature will make the house look fresh and healthy. Therefore, get a few plants and place them around the house. The presence of nature will give life to your house. Also, it will inspire visitors to picture their life in that house. Everyone wants to be healthy and beautiful.  They will imagine themselves leading a healthy lifestyle by the beach. Sounds dreamy, doesn't it?

Bed, lights, table, mirror and shelf. Home-staging a beach house for a better price

Home-staging a beach house room by room

Every room in the house has its own story to tell. Potential buyers are not only estimating the value of the house. They are also trying to picture their life in it. Therefore, by home-staging the beach house, you can improve their impression. Even more than that - you can inspire them. Let's go through some simple tricks.

  • The living room is a place where the family spends time together. You want it to look cozy and warm. You can achieve this by strategically placing a few items around. Some nice blanket on the couch and a few books will do the trick. Also, you can put on some ambient music. It's free and creates a pleasant atmosphere. An air freshener and some flowers on the table can help, too.
  • When home-staging a beach house, have in mind that the bedroom is the most intimate of all rooms. Cover the bed with some nice sheets in the colors that match the rest of the room. Here you can experiment with some deeper and darker colors because they create a more intimate atmosphere. A few candles and nice, dim light can do wonders.

Sitting area on the balcony, cushions and a table.

  • The dining room is also a place where people spend a lot of time. It's important that it looks comfortable and food friendly. And it is very easy to make it more tempting. Place some nice plates, glasses, and napkins. Make the table, bar or kitchen island look ready for a meal. Also, a bowl with fresh fruit will fit in perfectly.
  • If there is some outdoor space, garden or balcony, you can easily improve it with a few simple details. Outdoor string lights and some decorative cushions in the sitting area will make it more attractive.

A touch of art

You probably have some family pictures around the house. Although beautiful memories, they will just remind buyers they are in someone else's home. Replacing your photos with some artwork could be a great idea when home-staging a beach house for a better price. Art, especially a unique piece of art that you can find at art marketplace will enlighten the space and give it deepness and spirituality. And even the people who are not into art enjoy a cultural surrounding. It will also make the place look more expensive. You don't have to buy paintings. You can just borrow them or use some of your own.

Woman setting the dining table, plates and flowers on it. Home-staging a beach house for a better price.

Between two houses

Home-staging a beach house can be a pickle while you are looking for a new home yourself. Finding a new house before selling the old one is always a better solution. Try to settle down yourself before you host an open house. This process is not simple at all, and you could really use professional help. Experienced movers can help you move locally without stress and at an affordable price at the same time. On the other hand, the better price you get for your beach house, the more options you will have when buying a new one. Enjoy it.


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