Miami Real Estate Headlines — Aug. 21

Christian Slater sparks bidding war. American Airlines goes supersonic. And Citadel CEO Ken Griffin says Miami optimism is 'palpable.' Here are your Miami Real Estate headlines with Arno De Vos.

Starting with some celebrity real estate eye candy, Hollywood star Christian Slater getting top dollar for his Miami home after a three-way bidding war. The “Mr. Robot” actor selling his home in historic Coconut Grove for about ten percent over ask just days after going to market.

Slater reportedly headed to New York and California next for his work — bucking the trend of mass migration to South Florida from both those states in recent years.

And Miami International Airport’s biggest carrier goes supersonic. American Airlines – carrier for about two-thirds of Miami’s 37 million annual passengers – putting down deposits to order up to 20 supersonic jets – with an option for 40 more. The aircraft expected to get you from London to Miami in just five hours — that’s twice the speed of the status quo. The new additions likely further boosting Miami as the busiest U.S. airport for international flight traffic.

And Miami’s energy leaves an international-headline-making hedge funder…speechless. Ken Griffin – head of citadel telling CNBC that Miami’s optimism about the future of the city, the state of Florida – and the country is quote “palpable” — saying he has no words for it, drawing him to the city. Citadel reportedly investing over a billion dollars in Miami in recent months — in sync with its relocation plans of its global headquarters to Miami. The fund reportedly fueling a domino effect as other financial and tech power players now explore similar moves.

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