Miami Real Estate Headlines — Oct. 16, 2022

The world’s first solar-powered residential high rise is coming to Brickell. Billionaire hedge funder Ken Griffin props up Miami’s future leadership in finance and tech. And say hello to Stone Crab season with a South Beach bacchanal. Here are your Miami real estate headlines presented by Arno De Vos.

Hello, I’m Arno De Vos and here’s a look at the latest Miami real estate headlines:

Miami’s prestigious Brickell avenue goes green. The Residences at 1428 Brickell - will be the world’s first luxury highrise residential building featuring a solar backbone of energy-producing glass. The 20,000 square foot future-friendly western façade designed to save more than 4,700 tons of c-o-2 from being emitted to the atmosphere every year. Miami-based developer Ytech – led by CEO Yamal videos – announcing the seventy-story tower featuring only 189 luxury residences, coupled with 80,000 square feet of amenities.

A big push for Miami's future leadership in finance and technology. The city of Miami launching a science, technology, engineering and mathematics scholarship backed by billionaire hedge funder ken griffin. The citadel chief, gifting $250,000 to the “Venture Miami” scholarship program - providing tuition support to Miami residents accepted into a STEM degree or high-demand occupation.

Prepare your mallets Miami, it’s time to kick off Florida's stone crab season with Miami Beach’s annual seafood bachanal. The “south beach seafood festival” running October 19 to the 22nd. This family-friendly affair featuring with chef cookoffs, private dining events and walk-around tents with food and drinks

…that’s your Miami real estate headlines this week. Share the good news by passing it on to 100 of your closest friends. And for more on these news stories – head over to Miami-re-news-dot-com. I’m Arno De Vos with Cervera Real Estate – thank you for watching.

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