Miami Real Estate Headlines — Oct. 9, 2022

Miami tops a new international ranking of best US cities for foreign investment, A-Rod scores a new Star Island property, and Californians are flocking to Florida in record numbers. Here are your Miami real estate headlines presented by Arno De Vos with Cervera Real Estate.

Hello, I’m Arno De Vos and here’s a look at the latest Miami real estate headlines:

Starting with some celebrity eye candy on an iconic Miami beach island. Alex Rodriguez revealed as the buyer of one Ken Griffin’s properties on star island. The parcel at 14 star island drive trading for $18.5m – after it reportedly appraised for over 40-million. The sale happening just weeks after the citadel chief shattered local price records with his acquisition of a mammoth estate for over $100m just south of Brickell, Miami's financial district.

The city of Miami taking the top spot on an international ranking of best u-s cities for foreign business. The financial times-nikkei “investing in America” report looking at 89 cities throughout the United States – sizing up which cities create the best environment for investment from abroad. The report showing that last year, as a result Miami pulled in the most foreign direct investment per capita than other US city – that, just one of around 40 investor-centric criteria analyzed in the report.

First it was new yorkers, now it’s folks from California saying goodbye state income tax, hello South Florida. The latest data by the Florida DMV showing that – in the month of August – the number of Californians changing their licenses to one issued by the sunshine state, reaching an all-time high. That monthly number exceeding three thousand for the first time ever, bringing the year-to-date number to over 20-thousand.

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