Miami Real Estate Headlines — Sep. 25, 2022

New York migration to South Florida reaches new heights. Miami-Dade County outperformed pre-pandemic sales levels. And a hedge fund giant is creating an iconic Miami building. Here are your Miami real estate headlines presented by Arno De Vos.

Hello, I’m Arno De Vos and here’s a look at the latest Miami real estate headlines:

New york’s love affair with Miami soars to new heights. The New York Post analyzing Florida's DMC data – showing August as the highest-ever single-month migration of New Yorkers to the sunshine state. Close to six thousand New York residents making the move in August alone - bringing the year-to-date number to over 41-thousand from New York. That number, by the way, on track for an annual record, too.

And bucking some national real estate market trends, Miami-Dade county still outperforming pre-pandemic sales levels. A new report just released by the Miami Association of Realtors - sourcing closed sales data from the MLS - showing total number of sales of homes and condos during the month of August, was around seven percent higher compared to the august average for 20-16 through 20-19. Board officials citing Miami's continued wage growth, new resident migration and much-needed housing inventory finally coming to market; plus - international buyers still seeing south Florida as a bargain when compared to most other global markets such as London, New York, San Francisco, and more.

And a hedge fund giant is creating an iconic Miami building - to draw a different kind of capital. Citadel founder Ken Griffin telling Bloomberg that creating the right environment to attract quality human capital is key. Griffin speaking of his plans to build a billion-dollar waterfront office tower in Brickell, the city’s financial district. Griffin’s multiple massive acquisitions in Miami – further fueling the growth surge of financial giants’ presence in the so-called “Wall Street South”.

…..And that’s your Miami real estate headlines. If you like this video, share it. And for more on these news stories, head over to Miami-re-news-dot-com. I’m Arno De Vos with Cervera Real Estate – thank you for watching.

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