[Podcast] Ep. 3 I Finding Success in Your Real Estate Career: How to Be a Top Producer w/ Powerhouse Perla Machaen

In this episode, five-time Cervera #1 top producer Perla Machaen shares her keys to success and dishes out business advice for real estate entrepreneurs during a candid Q&A with our host Omar De Windt. They also talked about the growing trend of blending wellness with real estate, which led Perla to her latest passion project Wellness Habitat.

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About Perla:

For those of you who don't know her, Perla started her career in public relations for the World's Fair Expo Lisboa. Shortly thereafter she returned to Mexico City to take a position as a Sales Executive for TV Azteca. Due to her tremendous success in exceeding sales goals she was awarded with a scholarship to Universidad Tecnologico de Monterrey where she earned her degree in Marketing. Years later she formed her own production company, Pearlmaker Productions, which focuses on luxury content including high-end real estate. 

By 2008, her program Vive la Vie was picked up by E! Entertainment Television in Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean, becoming the first luxury show of its kind. Once the season wrapped up, Perla started to receive many phone calls regarding the purchase of the properties featured in the program. She took that opportunity to re-establish her real estate career full-time where she quickly became a "Top Producer" for Cervera Real Estate, a firm with close to 260 agents. Perla won the "Rookie of the Year" award in 2011 for the entire company.

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E. pmachaen@cervera.com

W. www.wellnesshabitat.com

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