Relocating from NYC to Miami? Know this Before You Take the Leap

Shane Neman is a forward-thinking problem solver, consummate optimist and serial entrepreneur. A prototypical businessman of our modern era, his experience and expertise in business spans numerous industries, from technology and telecommunications to real estate and hospitality.
In 2014, Shane relocated his family from Manhattan to South Florida. In this episode of the Miami Real Estate Podcast by the Cervera Real Estate newsroom, he provides a detailed account of what the process entails legally, emotionally and financially. Shane breaks down what other New Yorkers need to know before making the leap and answers the big question: was it worth it?

We also spoke about the importance of having a diversified real estate portfolio as an investor, new opportunity zones that savvy South Florida real estate investors should keep their eyes on and advice for would-be entrepreneurs looking to start a new venture.

You can read more about Shane's transition from New York to Miami in his blog "Know this before relocating to Florida from New York City.

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